The webinars in this grouping were previously available live as part of IFAI and its Divisions’ ongoing webinar program. Members receive free access to live and archived content year round on a wide variety of topics.

A Simple Webinar to Create Effective Webinars

Keep it simple, keep it easy, and cover the basics; almost anyone can do an effective webinar from almost anywhere all by themselves. Don’t let the technology curve or the know-it-all from the IT department deter you, web-based communication is for everyone, not just the experts, and it’s easy to deploy. Most importantly, it’s efficient, quick, and very cost effective. Web-based learning and communication isn’t the future, it’s right now, and it’s here to stay. Join HP’s self-taught webinar advocate Timothy Mitchell for a quick punch list of what you’ll need, and how to get filming all by yourself.

Speaker: Timothy Mitchell

Textiles 101

Take an introductory look at textiles, types, uses and materials in this beneficial webinar.

Speaker: Elissa Decker, Senior Manager of Materials for Moss Inc

Virtual Magic Making Great Presentations Online

Given the new reality of social distancing and working from home, online presentations have become a daily necessity. However, if you approach a virtual presentation the same way you do an in-person talk, your chances of success may be limited. The good news is that a great online presentation is relatively easy to create and deliver if you understand the dynamics of online audiences. Virtual Magic is a cutting-edge program that gives you the tools you need to connect with and influence others when you can’t be there in person.

Specifically, you will learn how to:
• Avoid the five common mistakes that derail most virtual presentations.
• Incorporate proven strategies to keep your remote audiences engaged.
• Increase the effectiveness of your remote presentations.

Speaker: Steve Hughes, President of Hit your Stride, LLC