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Emerging Technologies Campfires

What’s Next for Textiles in the Health Care IndustryCristina Acevedo
Thermal Challenges of Landing in the South Pole of the MoonEvelyne Orndoff
Next Level Innovation? Level-Up Your Standards Game!Erika Simmons
A 3D Scanning Approach to Understanding Clothing Microclimate and
Thermal Comfort in Winter Wear
Ike Dosch & Marika Walker
Exploring the Power, Opportunities, & Trends of Automated Solutions to
Keep Up With Demand
Ron Ellis
Evaluation and Comparison of Advanced Textile Digitization and
Virtualization Technology Using Drape
Seonyoung Youn

Specialty Fabrics Campfires

Coated Fabric Design for Environmental SustainabilityAndrew Nasarczyk
DLA and Industry Communications: A Two-Way PropositionWilliam Sismour
Digital Printing: Unique Solution Offering That DifferentiatesAndrew Medley
Washington Policy UpdateSara Beatty
Benefits Renewal Season: What to Expect in 2024, Legal Updates, and Best Practices Damien Cannaday & Holly Bloom
Hidden Hacks For FedEx DiscountsHarry Centa Jr.

Shade and Weather Protection Campfires

Selling Shade Sails Without a Need to Manufacture!Brydon Roe
Rise of Fluorine-Free Repellents for Industrial PFAS EliminationFrank Keohan
Why Shade Sails?Robin DuBroy
Architect Outreach, Vital Business Growth ComponentBrett Baird
Making Vinyl Coated Fabrics a Mainstay for Marine ApplicationsEric Petersen & Steve Rye