The webinars in this grouping were previously available live as part of IFAI and its Divisions’ ongoing webinar program. Members receive free access to live and archived content year round on a wide variety of topics.

Best Practices for Disinfecting COVID-19 Relief Materials & Equipment

This presentation will discuss how to approach and disinfect contaminated tents, along with other equipment on a COVID-19-related jobsite, including HVAC systems after use in contaminated settings. Proper PPE will also be part of the discussion. Come with questions or helpful tips yourself, as we will leave time at the end for Q&A and open dialogue.

Speaker: Chuck Shipp, owner and founder of Shipp Cleaning Systems

COVID-19 Pandemic: Emerging Stronger and More Resilient

Cooley Group is successfully managing through the coronavirus pandemic, sustaining the health and safety of each employee while maintaining operations at full capacity. In this webinar, Dan Dwight, President and CEO of the Cooley Group, will describe the company’s response to COVID-19. Whether you are a business struggling to stay operational or shutdown and seeking to re-start, Dan will walk through a practical guide to leading your business through the pandemic in order to emerge stronger and more resilient.

Speaker: Dan Dwight, President & CEO of the Cooley Group

How to Survive and Thrive in a COVID-19 World

What sales and marketing steps you can take in your business to prevent a shut down –
COVID-19 is changing life as we know it for many Americans and the ripple effect it’s having on so many industries is profound. Our industry is no exception.

Please join me for a practical, action-based virtual training where I will dive into real-life actionable things you should and shouldn’t be doing right now in your COVID-19 sales and marketing response.

Speaker:Madeleine MacRae, MM MacRae Coaching & Consulting

Recovery Efforts for Small and Mid-Size Businesses

Learn how the Building Inspections Department is dealing with the pandemic surrounding COVID-19. The webinar will cover how to submit plans and if inspections are conducted, how they are conducting such inspections.


Speaker: Barbara Griffith of SCL Equiment Finance