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Resurrecting NASA Historical FabricsEvelyne Orndoff
Challenges of Smart Surfaces in Automotive TrimJeremy Husic
Sensor Yarns in Biomedical and Technical ApplicationsBastian Baesch & Carsten Linti
Moving Towards Textiles 2.0 – Building Blocks for Maturing Advanced Fiber & Fabric Products Sasha Stolyarov
Nanotechnology and Textiles: From Atomically Precise Manufacturing to Self-assembling FabricsDavid R. Forrest
Weaving Electronics Into Textiles: Developing Flexible, Stretchable and Washable Electronic DevicesDawson Cagle
LCP Fiber and Space ExplorationMatthew Reid
Robotics and Automation in Clothing Manufacturing: State of the ArtGraham Page
Low-Cost High Volume Wearables. It took ten years, and we’re finally here.Greg Nevolo
Implantable Fabrics—Designing Textiles for the Medical Device IndustryMichelle E. Lishner